Lunch Menu


Spring Rolls                                                     5.25
shrimp and vegetables,
sweet & sour sauce
Deep-Fried Calamari                                5.75
with cocktail and tartar sauce
Steamed Clams                                          6.50
with white wine, scallions, garlic & herbs

Scallops / Prawns Combination         7.95
Bordelaise sauce
Crab Cakes (two)                                         5.75

Bay Shrimp Cocktail                                6.25
Crab Cocktail                                               7.50
Prawn Cocktail                                           7.95

chilled marinated prawns
in cilantro vinaigrette
Seafood Combo Cocktail                     7.75
bay shrimp, crab and prawn        

Smoked Salmon                                        6.75
served with whole wheat toast

Soup of the day 
cup                                                              3.25
bowl                                                              4.5

French Onion Soup                                   4.95


Seasonal Mixed Green Salad               3.00
Hearts of Palm                                              6.50
with bay shrimp, olives and mushrooms      



Mushroom Salad                                            4.25
dressed with olive oil and vinegar

Spinach Salad
with apple cider vinaigrette

small                                                                      4.75
large                                                                    8.50

Chinese Chicken Salad                           9.25
marinated chicken breast with

toasted almonds, napa cabbage,
crispy noodles, sesame-soy dressing
Hearts of Romaine,                                  9.50
Smoked Chicken
with rosemary croutons,

Caesar dressing
Shrimp Louie or Crab Louie              11.50
bay shrimp or crab, tomato, hardboiled

egg, crisp lettuce, classic Louie dressing
Blackened Seafood Salad                 11.95   

Mediterranean Salad                             9.75
with smoked chicken, tomatoes,

olives, celery, eggplant, onions
and pine nuts 
David’s Salad                                              10.50
crispy lettuce, mushrooms, shrimps,

bacon, cucumber, feta cheese,
hearts of palms, herbs
Cobb Salad                                                   9.25
fresh-toasted turkey strips, bacon, tomato, avocado, hardboiled eggs, blue cheese crumbles, crisp lettuce

Turkey Sandwich                                       7.95
fresh oven-roasted turkey breast

on 7-grain bread with tomato,
Swiss cheese, avocado and sprouts
Club Sandwich                                            8.95
triple decker with turkey, lettuce,

tomato and bacon
French Dip                                                     8.75
lean roast beef served with “au jus”

Mushroom Burger /
with Cheese                                                  8.50
1/2 pound of lean beef, fresh ground

Supreme Bacon Swiss Burger           8.95

Cajun Chicken Sandwich                          8.95
on grilled sourdough with pepper

Jack cheese and Ranch dressing
Reuben Sandwich                                          7.75
thin sliced pastrami grilled with

melted Swiss cheese on rye
Veggie Sandwich                                            7.50
avocado, tomato, sprouts, cucumber,

roasted red peppers, provolone
cheese, mayonnaise and Mandocino
Eggplant Sandwich                                        7.75
with tomato, mixed greens, mozarella cheese and basil

Spaghettini and Rock Shrimp        10.95
mushrooms, plump tomatoes,

scallions, white wine in a
natural broth
Bow-Tie Noodles with Chicken    9.95
tender filets with mushrooms,

sun-dried tomatoes, sherry
and a touch of cream 
Tortellini Marinara                              10.50
three color, cheese filled pasta

with a fresh tomato sauce

Linguini with Fresh Steamed Clams 10.95
olive oil, garlic, chives and white wine

with a touch of thyme
Fettucine Alfredo                                           8.95
a lighter version with chicken stock,

cream and freshly grated
Parmesan cheese
Linguini with Mixed Seafood                11.50
in your choice of cream or marinara

(fresh tomato) sauce
Pasta Primavera                                             9.25
tender egg penne, tossed with fresh herbs, fresh garlic, fresh vegetables, served with a light basil cream sauce

Broiled Herb Chicken                          10.25
boneless breast of chicken marinated

in olive oil, lemon juice, Dijon
mustard and fresh herbs
Chicken Coq Au Vin                              10.95
Tenderloin of chicken sauteed in

Marsala wine with mushrooms and
artichoke hearts
Calamari Steak                                         10.75
with champagne lemon butter sauce

Sauteed Sea Scallops                           12.50
with lobster sauce

Broiled Jumbo Prawns                       12.95
with lemon butter

Fruit Platter                                              10.50
with cottage cheese

Medley Vegetarian Plate                           9.25
with eggplant, broccoli, carrots,

cauliflower, mushrooms and tomatoes
Blackened Pork Chops                             11.50
with apple chutney

Fresh Filet of Sole                                        11.50
lemon butter sauce

Veal Scaloppine Marsala                         12.95
or Piccata (your choice)
with mushrooms and Marsala wine or

with white wine, capers and lemon
Broiled New York Steak                           13.95
Broiled Lamb Chops                                   14.50
maitre d’ butter

Veal or Chicken Parmesan                     12.95
with Fettuccini

Chocolate Mousse                                   3.50
Caramel Custard                                       3.50

Ice Cream or Sherbet                                  3.50
Dessert Cart                                                     4.95

Freshly ground and brewed
Coffee or Decaf,
Hot or Iced Tea or Milk                      1.50

Ice Cream or Sherbet                                  3.50
Dessert Cart                                                     4.95

David’s Restaurant…An Experience To Remember

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